Week 4: Motivation Wagon

If you’ve fallen off the health and wellness motivation wagon…

get up and get back on!

Notoriously week 3 or 4 is when motivation begins to decline. Complications, soreness, questioning if it’s really what you want to do??? “I’ll do it tomorrow…..”  “It’s already Thursday, I’ll just wait and start again next week”…” It’s too cold, It’s too hot…it’s too windy…”  “I DON’T HAVE TIME TODAY!” 😊 Have I missed anything? The list is endless and it’s easy to allow yourself to be swayed.

It’s only YOU and you’re the only YOU you’ll ever have…YOU have to take care of YOU!!!

Revisit your goals-Have you increased fiber and water? Are you taking vitamins? Have you updated worn out shoes and yucky toothbrushes? What colors have you added to your environment? Food?  Are you keeping track of the food you consume? Are you standing tall?  Are you MOVING every day? Just asking??? 😊

SEE YOURSELF FIT!  Mental imagery can keep you motivated to exercise.  Visualize feeling more energized as a result of working out.  It is effective motivational imagery because it increases expectations of positive results.  Imagine how energized and good you’ll feel after your workout. 😊


Feeling Limited?  Find ways to move with modifications! Without excuses!

Keep Moving! 😊

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