Week 3: Walk Walk Walk

Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk!

I wouldn’t be “worth my salt” if I didn’t encourage you to include WALKING AS PART OF YOUR PERSONAL WELLNESS ROUTINE.

Walking and Resistance Training –  it’s a GREAT combination.

Walking is EASY, BODY FRIENDLY, FLEXIBLE, and GREAT FOR THE SOUL. The following is a simple one week plan that has been modified from Walk Off Weight, by Michele Stanten, and Walk Yourself Slim, a Rodale Publication.

Interval Walk
30 min

15 Min Strength Workout
Speed  Walk 20 min Interval Walk
30 Min

15 Min  Strength Workout
Speed Walk 20 Min Interval Walk
30 Min
15 Min Strength Workout
Long Walk
45 Min

15 Min  Strength Workout

LONG WALKS: 45 minutes to an hour at a moderate pace.

SPEED WALKS: You’ll maintain a high intensity for the entire session, striding as if you’re late for an important appointment.

INTERVAL WALKS: Alternating fast and moderate/easy bouts of walking. (1 minute at a moderate pace: 30 seconds FAST pace)

STRENGTH WORKOUT:  2 times through the resistance machines, plus 2 floor/core exercises, without cardio breaks.  OR- choose 2 upper body, 2 lower body, 2 core and 2 cardio exercises. Set a timer – Cycle 1: perform each exercise 30-40 seconds with a minimal break between of 5-10 seconds. Think STRONG with intensity then – give yourself a good 1 minute rest between cycles.  Repeat the cycle 3 times.

Pay attention to FORM- eyes up – ear, shoulder, hips, heels one straight line! 

Good Walking Posture:

  • Stand Tall 😊
  • Keep your chin UP and your EARS IN LINE WITH YOUR SHOULDERS
  • Look 6-10 feet in front
  • Keep shoulders down and back
  • Imagine a headlight on your breastbone – shine it forward
  • Keep arms relaxed, swing from the shoulder, pumping forward and back
  • Bend elbows 85-90 degrees
  • Cup hands loosely, pump forward – not across the body
  • Keep abdominals flat
  • Tuck your pelvis slightly, pulling belly button towards spine
  • Swivel hips
  • Keep knees soft and pointed forward

Determine Your Pace:

Based on an average stride length of 2 ½ feet

70 steps/minute = 30min/mile = 2 miles per hour

105 steps/minute = 20min/mile = 3 miles per hour

140 steps/minute = 15min/mile = 4 miles per hour

Scope out your route – Pack pepper spray – Walk in a small group or with a friend – Brighten up- during the day wear orange, red, and yellow. Wear reflective clothing or place reflective tape on clothing after dark – Follow pedestrian traffic regulations.

OATMEAL in a HURRY: Grab 7-10 sealable jars and fill each with one serving of dry oatmeal, pinch of salt, CINNAMON, and brown sugar (just a little). Put the lids on the jars, and store. When you roll out of bed, grab a jar, add water, pop in the microwave, drizzle with milk and you’re on the way! Breakfast for several days – one prep time.

Have a WONDERFUL WEEK! Keep Moving!!!

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