Week 6: Posture Pep Talk

😊 Give yourself a Posture Pep Talk 😊

Set a timer … It’s your choice how often you need to be reminded to take care of your posture.  Whether you’re standing, walking, working or plopped in front of the tv at home, when the timer goes off, give yourself a POSTURE PEP TALK! 😊

         Balanced Feet – with hips, knees, toes all balanced and in line

          Find Your Core-  about 3 inches below your belly button – pull it in tight against your spine. 

          Lengthen Your Spine – from your tailbone to the crown of your head- lengthen and extend without arching your back.

          Drop Your Shoulders– relax and allow your shoulders to drop (remember to schedule a massage!)

          Eyes UP – allow Ears – Shoulders – Hips – Heels to form ONE LONG LINE!

When the timer goes off REMEMBER!

           Balanced FEET




          EYES UP!

Have Fun and KEEP MOVING!!! 😊

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